Fireworks and Pets: Tips for a Stressless Holiday

July 4th is one of the most stressful holidays for anxious pets. Fireworks can be stressful for anxious dogs because the sudden loud sounds can release adrenaline and stress hormones that tell their instincts to run.Pets and July 4

4 Tips for a Stressless July 4 with Your Pet:

1. Keep pets inside your home if you or your neighbors are setting off fireworks.

2. Keep fireworks, charcoal, skewers, glow sticks, sparklers, and other hot or dangerous objects away from curious pets. Putting these items at a higher location out of reach is best.

3. Consider behavioral therapy to desensitize your pet and reduce the risk of problems. Some pet owners give their pet CBD to help with pet wellness during stressful times. Consult your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist to see if this is a good option for your pet.

4. Create a safe space for your pet, preferably without windows. This space should include your pet's favorite treats and toys. If there are blinds in the room, close them.

And, just in case your pet does escape:

Make sure you have any current identification information and a current photo of your pet readily available.

Remember: Never leave your pet in your car, especially when it's hot outside. Vehicle interiors heat up much faster than the air around them, and even a short time in a locked car can be dangerous to pets.

More tips and pet advocate commentary is available on CBS News, Today, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and others.