Satividol CBD for Mosquito Bites

Satividol CBD for Mosquito Bites?

We've heard from a lot of customers recently who've told us they are using Satividol CBD to help with their mosquito bites. With so many customers in warm, humid regions with plenty of mosquitos, we know this is a welcome option for relief. They tell us it "takes the itch and inflammation away". We love hearing your success stories. 

Can CBD help with mosquito bites? We can't make medical claims because we are a CBD company with lots of rules around marketing, but our chief science officer and many customers personally use our CBD roll-on for this reason and others. CBD is known to reduce inflammation, so the logic is sound. Now, let's get some formal research studies out there to make it official.

Feedback provided is directly from the customer. Satividol is not making any health or medical claims, and recommends you consult your wellness provider before beginning any treatment.