Who we are

Expertly cultivated CBD you can trust.

It’s not just about high-quality ingredients. It’s about being involved in every step of the way. Satividol focuses on preserving the unique characteristics of our products at every step of the supply chain to provide our customers with clean, quality ingredients straight from the source.

Satividol is created in a cGMP facility with the highest quality CBD available. We test everything for purity to ensure that no harmful chemicals or THC are present in the final product, to give you results you can trust.


Satividol is produced by Green Point Research, an international phytocannabinoid-rich hemp biomass originator and processor. 

Green Point is proud to be a research partner of Florida State University in studying the possible medicinal benefits of this innovative compound. The studies include comparing ibuprofen to Satividol as an analgesic for acute pain. They will be conducted with a population recovering from orthopedic surgery, the most common starting point of opiate addiction. The next trials will target insomnia and anxiety.