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  • 3 Reasons to Consider Elevating Your Pet's Wellness Journey with Satividol CBD

    Our pets are cherished members of our families, and their health and happiness are paramount. As we continue to explore alternative and holistic approaches to pet care, Satividol CBD has emerged as a trusted brand, offering 25mg CBD softgels that are gaining popularity among pet owners. Derived from the hemp plant, Satividol CBD provides a promising addition to your pet's wellness routine. Here are three good reasons to consider incorporating Satividol into your pet's wellness journey.
  • CBD: A Promising Solution for Dental Pain Relief- Study Shows Positive Results

    In the dynamic realm of pain management, a recent study from November 2023 by researchers at the University of Texas Health School of Dentistry, Sa...
  • National CBD Day

    Happy CBD Day! Whether you're a seasoned CBD enthusiast or just starting to explore the benefits of this remarkable cannabinoid, today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the power of CBD. From pain relief to overall wellness, CBD continues to amaze with its potential benefits.


    Remember, your well-being is our priority. So, on this CBD Day, let's celebrate the incredible journey of discovery and wellness that CBD brings. Here's to being well, feeling great, and embracing the goodness that CBD offers!

  • Satividol Launches New CBD Tincture

    Satividol launches its newest product this month, a 1500mg CBD tincture. The product delivers high quality CBD to support your everyday wellness. 

    CBD Tinctures are a great option for adults who want to use CBD oil in higher or very measured concentrations of CBD.

    These Satividol CBD Tinctures are unflavored and additive-free. 

    Tinctures are a precise, fast-acting, and potent way to consume cannabis products. They also offer flexibility in consumption with some users choosing to add into food and drinks, while others directly put the product directly under their tongue. 

  • CBD Research Finds Athletes Benefit From Topical CBD Use

    Key takeaway - Topical cannabidiol is well-tolerated in individuals with a history of elite physical performance and chronic lower extremity pain. Six weeks of treatment provided significant decreases in pain and improvements in function. 

  • Satividol Launches New CBD Topical Muscle Gel

    Satividol's newest innovation in topical CBD product offerings is here. The new Satividol CBD Muscle Gel is exactly what you've been looking for in...
  • Google Relaxes Rules on CBD Advertising

    Did Google finally chill out about CBD? Yes, a little. It's a long-overdue change in the company's policy. Google Ads now allow the promotion of pr...
  • Satividol CBD for Mosquito Bites

    Satividol CBD for Mosquito Bites?

    We've heard from a lot of customers recently who've told us they are using Satividol CBD to help with their mosquito bites. With so many customers in warm, humid regions with plenty of mosquitos, we know this is a welcome option for relief. They tell us it "takes the itch and inflammation away". We love hearing your success stories. 

    Can CBD help with mosquito bites?

  • Fireworks and Pets: Tips for a Stressless Holiday

    July 4th is one of the most stressful holidays for anxious pets. Fireworks can be stressful for anxious dogs because the sudden loud sounds can release adrenaline and stress hormones that tell their instincts to run.

    4 Tips for a Stressless July 4 with Your Pet:

  • North Carolina's Governor Signs Bill Permanently Legalizing Hemp

    North Carolina Governor Signs Bill Permanently Legalizing Hemp

    North Carolinians celebrated a legislative win this week, thanks to a last minute Senate vote that permanently removed hemp from the state's list of controlled substances. 

    A 2015 pilot program in the state temporarily legalized hemp. There are currently over 1,500 hemp producers in North Carolina, according to NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services estimates

    The new legislation aligns state and federal law to ensure its legality permanently and was signed by Governor Roy Cooper on June 30, 2022. 

    This is welcome news for Satividol customers who want to continue purchasing high quality CBD products such as our Pet CBD softgels

  • CBD After Surgery Shows Promise in Reducing Postoperative Pain

    A recent NYU Grossman School of Medicine study found a non-addictive, fast absorbing CBD composition composition designed to treat pain safely mana...
  • Forbes Reports Research Citing Cannabinoids Eliminate Colon Cancer Cell Growth in Two Studies

    This week, Lindsey Bartlett with Forbes reports promising new research from two studies showing colon cancer cell growth can be eliminated by canna...